Re-designating the CEO

Through sheer providence, I have had the fortune of being exposed to rigorously scientific brand management practices at 2 great Marketing companies – GSK Healthcare & TITAN Industries. What made these companies different (vis-a-vis scores of companies who have sought my consulting inputs later), is that the leadership in both these companies walked and talked the ‘Brand language’. This convinced me – as a young Management graduate – that great brands are not just built by great Marketing departments and / or great Advertising agencies – they are actually painstakingly nurtured by the company CEO.

Twenty years on, as a reputed Brand Consultant, I still find symptoms of the same disease ailing most Indian Companies – a foolhardy notion that great products coupled with great advertising makes great brands.

Nothing can be farther from the truth!

Great brands are built by a unified culture perpetrated by great leaders. Unless the company has a branding ethos, an iron stability of resolve to ‘live’ its philosophy, its very DNA, in every interaction with every stake-holder, a great business can never be transformed into a great brand.

…..And unless, you build a powerful brand, your business cannot easily become a monetisable asset which can be further leveraged exponentially, in terms of brand value.

It is, in a sense, this pet peeve that Vertebrand addresses today. Vertebrand passionately believes that brand value is the backbone of any business, that it pervades every department of the organization – right from the Manufacturing Department to the HR function; that it does not merely exist in the idiot box of your consumers’ drawing rooms; but, that, it truly haunts the mind and heart of the company’s CEO. Forever.

That’s why I believe we should re-designate every CEO as a BUSINESS BRAND MANAGER!

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