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It's complex, it's volatile, but business decisions need to be made. Now what?

Can business leaders today really understand future landscape, when it is nothing like the past? In a fast- paced, competitive environment, the strategic identity of a brand is like a compass, its very heart and soul. It guides the brand on what to do (and what not to do) and how to do it at various points of time. At Vertebrand, we believe that it is the business which revolves around the brand – not the other way round!

So we go several steps beyond conventional branding and detail out the brand's manifestations across various aspects of the business: product, pricing, promotion, distribution, the retail environment, customer service, communication, people and processes.

Our suite of strategic business solutions includes assessing market opportunities, recommending entry strategies, developing a channel and alliance strategy to enhance supply chain efficiencies as well as evolving appropriate brand architecture for multi-pronged businesses.

Using our scientific, proprietary tools, we come up with solutions that will put your brand on a firm footing and ensure that it stays differentiated in the market.

The Vertebrand Difference


The Brand in the Boardroom: Reaping rewards of investing in your brand

While we believe that brand valuation does indeed have the potential to change the way companies think about brand management and brand investment and can put the relationship...

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'Experience' Brands

Hotels, restaurants, shops, airlines, malls, cruise ships, hospitals... services like these represent the most exciting opportunity in branding. Complicated and simple, easy and difficult, branding a consumer service is going to be the marketing challenge for the next decade.

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Strategy – The neglected 'what' before the common 'how'

A brand must stand for something. Being not only different, but having a purpose, takes careful consideration. Our proprietary tool for unearthing and conceiving brand DNA and our team of exceptional brand strategists can help uncover and articulate your brand's unique value proposition and values through data mining...

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