In the nearly two decades since our inception, we have had a diverse range of brands as our clients. From heavy-duty industrial products to fleet-footed fashion, we have worked on practically every industry sector, helping companies understand the true value of their brand and to leverage it optimally. On the one hand, we have helped several industry-leading brands strengthen their hold on the market through our interventions in brand repositioning, business diversification, brand valuation, etc. On the other hand, we have helped several start-ups find the most suitable niche in the market and confidently commence operations.

Irrespective of industry, nature of business and scale of operations, clients come to us because of our expertise, our passion and our ownership of our work. Our combination of intellect, insight and intuition ensures the best of both worlds for our clients. No wonder, most of our projects come to us through client referrals and that a number of our clients have engaged us repeatedly for different projects over the years.

At Vertebrand, we care for our clients’ brand like our own.

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