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Consumers expect brand experience to be great, and will post their verdict

The advent of new Indian brands, the influx of foreign brands, and the growing acceptance of new retail formats and models mean that Indian consumers are thoroughly spoiled for choice. Thanks to technology, they’re also more connected and empowered than ever before. The rise of social media has changed the way that consumers interact with brands. People can appreciate brands that delight and deliver on their promise. They can also call out brands that don’t. But digital media are under-utilised by brands today. Digital marketing solutions are often an after-thought for brands, and digital platforms and media are used in a slap-dash manner by them. As a result, what we see is a lack of connect between the digital and mainline marketing activities of brands.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions are tailor-made to offer a holistic marketing strategy for your brand, establishing a seamless connect between the offline and online/digital media. They bring together our expertise in strategic branding, analytical skills, digital technology and creative thinking. By staying true to your brand's identity and adopting a scientific approach, we ensure that your brand engages perfectly and holistically with consumers online. Development of websites, SEO, social media marketing, development and execution of brand campaigns and Marketing analytics, development of customised online selling platforms – we have end-to-end capabilities in the digital space.

The Vertebrand Difference


AI-powered, adaptive talent analytics that delivers order-of-magnitude gains

Data science has continued to make rapid advances, particularly on the frontiers of machine learning and deep learning. The availability of data and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven models can be a game changer in the talent acquisition market today, as organisations grapple with the twin challenges of time and cost to identify, engage and attract right talent on-board.

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The challenges that come with digital transformation

The digital tsunami is moving at a rapid clip, encompassing all aspects of business and society. Understanding this dynamic and making the necessary changes is the context for digital transformation. The starting point is to assess your businesses’ state of digital preparedness based not just on technology, but on a comprehensive picture of digital integration and engagement throughout the business and its environs. This transformation poses five key challenges to businesses of all sizes: leadership, customer experience, employee and supplier engagement, increased competition and a talent war.

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Vertebrand investigates the future of Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is exciting, especially that it transcends more than just a tool for gaming but a way to improve human life in all its facets. MR, also known as Hybrid Reality, combines the best points of Virtual and Augmented Realities. Using this kind of environment, users can easily transition through the real and virtual world simultaneously. Unlike VR, that puts you in the environment and anchors everything to the user’s real world space, MR makes interactions more real by mimicking natural behaviour and perspective change as you interact with elements.

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