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Whether they’re tongue-tied, unsure or reluctant, people can’t always tell you why they make decisions. And without knowing what motivates your audience, you waste time and resources on solutions that fall flat. Our team of in-house communication and design specialists have developed proprietary tools to address customer insight challenges and make that crucial link between brand decisions and business results. We’ll help uncover what truly drives all your stakeholders’ needs, perceptions and behaviour, giving you all data-driven insights to build brand strategies and experiences that propel your business forward. We’ll uncover which of your brand characteristics can drive the most share, and how you stack up against the competition.

We have a team of communication & creative experts with hard-core experience across various vehicles – mainline media, digital media, retail, point-of-sale & planning. We hence ensure the best creative output and the most judicious use of communication spends, to get maximum bang for any business’ buck.

The essence and power of a brand lies in its ability to connect with the consumer and evoke strong positive associations that both elevate and differentiate it from others. However, these associations, attributes and traits – which we call brand values - must be carefully crafted, developed and nurtured. The power of our proprietary tool, Vintellity™, which develops the strategic identity of the brand, lies in its unique combination of cognitive science, behavioural psychology and creative insight, backed by research and our experience of having successfully used it for over 100 brands across almost every category. Once created, the identity gives shape to the brand and its ideas, provides inspiration and purpose, and defines an invaluable guideline that serves both as a template and a benchmark for all brand marketing and communication.

Adverting & communication is not about pretty pictures and clever lines. It’s actually about being able to spot growth trends and opportunities, innovate and execute by creating powerful stories that influence consumers and impacts their behaviour by using a combination of data + social + strategy + design + creative. That is the way we see it here at Vertebrand. A thorough understanding of the brand’s needs renders into a well-crafted, focused strategy which then translates itself into wonderful creative solutions across various marketing touch points including point of sales and packaging.

The true test for any marketing campaign is when the consumer comes face to face with the product/service. The key question is how can we create effective and lasting “moments of truth”? How will the experience influence his/her buying decision? Will it leave a lasting impression? Will it generate a “buzz”? That’s where Experiential Marketing, Brand Activation and Retail Experience come into play. We can help to design those tangible brand experiences that create desirable impact. Besides creating an impactful strategy, we also have the expertise to deploy technology and execute meaningful campaigns to make the consumer experience more real!

Get in touch with us to see how you can enhance your connect with the consumer.

The Vertebrand Difference

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Story of how value brands have transformed the UK clothing market

The UK clothing industry has three markets: the value market, the middle market, and the premium market. Unlike India which is clearly value market driven; the middle market remains the largest market in the UK. However, the value market and the premium market have been increasing their market share at the expense of the middle market in recent years
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What does it take to build a brand?

Worldwide, companies and economies have realized the importance of intangible assets, as they offer a stronger bulwark against competition, compared to tangible assets which are more easily replicable. The brand has always been more than a product
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Brand Development Today's Feature

Today’s social brand – The company you keep makes the difference

The rhetoric of brands talking, not engaging, is not new: Jeremy Bullmore talked about brand behaviour in the 1980s. Nor is the tech that enables this behaviour new. It's been around from the beginning of the digital transformation. While neither the technology nor the rhetoric is new, the maturation of both – plus a heavy dose of marketing ennui – has brought us to a tipping point. We are definitely in the Age of the Connected Customer, a time when brands have fully embraced the fact that they don't create themselves. Customers have significant impact on how brands are built, and brands cannot abstain from ongoing engagement.
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