Business Strategy

It’s complex, it’s volatile, but business decisions need to be made. Now what?

Can business leaders today really understand the future landscape, when it is nothing like the past?

In a fast- paced, competitive environment, making the right strategic choices is extremely important for sustained and profitable growth. At Vertebrand, we are focused on creating strategies and play books for companies to grow and win in the market place.

Using the perfect blend of science and art, we work with business owners in unlocking the true potential of their enterprise and enhancing growth, in a vast but complex market like India. Nobody understands India and brand building in India better than we do.

Our track record of having partnered with more than 200 businesses over the years, across multiple sectors, enables us to combine deep business insights with the understanding of how consumption trends will impact business models and thereby shape our clients’ future.

Our suite of strategic business solutions includes developing business models for growth& diversification mandates as well as crafting channel and alliance strategies to enhance supply chain and operational efficiencies. In addition, our team of experts also assists clients, both domestic and international, in assessing market opportunities and recommending entry strategies. To ensure that the client value delivery cycle is complete, we also deploy research methodologies and analytics tools to measure business performance. Our proprietary brand valuation methodology is based on our strong belief that brands are assets and are extremely important in creating sustainable value in a business.

Our business strategy consulting services help vision holders to formulate winning strategies that help drive sustainable competitive advantage and profitability. Our expertise lies in developing robust corporate and business unit strategies which can be executed well to achieve business results. We provide sector-specific consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as growth and diversification. Our ability to uncover hidden consumer needs and develop innovative solutions to meet those needs has enabled our clients to discover new revenue streams through newer business models. We also assist our clients with development of detailed financial and operational plans.

The speed and manner in which products and services are delivered to customers is key to the creation  of differentiated  “customer experience “ and is very often a  source of competitive advantage . Vertebrand’ s customer centric approach works towards  building responsive , flexible , efficient and cost effective Supply chains, seamlessly  till the point of delivery .The entire value chain is looked at  from a customer  lens and is engineered to meet the optimal service level that  balances expectations of the customers and optimal levels of asset deployment .The vendor , sourcing and manufacturing strategies and Go To market processes are developed with  a view to be best  of class in customer fulfilment  while optimising  the Total cost  of Ownership

We firmly believe that if you aren’t keeping score, you’re only practicing. Unlike most branding firms, we go by numbers - by systematically defining brand performance metrics, establishing benchmarks and targets, and tracking them on a regular basis. What’s more, we put our money where our mouth is – our success fees are linked to improvement scores on these parameters. Our proprietary brand track Vscope™ is a technology-enabled tool that represents brand health visually as a unique, custom colour, and uncovers crucial insights that lie behind the numbers. Our tracking algorithms quantify and measure all aspects of sales and marketing – channel performance, retailer satisfaction, resource optimization, marketing analytics, etc. – to make sure you’re always ahead of the game. 

In addition, Vertebrand has the expertise to deploy applications and solutions for customer experience, market research, investigative analysis, social listening and other requirements. These solutions are layered on top of our deep understanding of businesses and brands to create a robust Data Driven Decision Making System for organisations. Be it the web, social media or even customer feedback across messaging platforms, emails or even phone calls, if you have a record of them, we can analyse them, deciphering the brand speak, sentiments, feedback and more.

Winning in a large but complex market like India requires a thorough understanding of the local market, deep insights into the consumer psyche and a proven track record of having worked with businesses in India to create business models that are successful. Over the last 18 years, we have developed significant expertise and deep consumer insights in growth sectors such as Fashion, Retail & Consumer Goods, Food Services, Automotive, Industrial & B2B, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education as well as Media & Entertainment. While evaluating a new business opportunity and taking a well-informed “Go-No Go” decision it is important to get a fix on the “size” and the “nature” of the opportunity from the consumer perspective, in addition to pure financial focused analysis, in order to develop a robust Market Entry Strategy. 

Over the years, Vertebrand has worked with a number of VC/PE Funds, early stage ventures and diversified conglomerates on evaluating opportunities across sector and assisting its clients in determining “where” to “play” and “how” to “win”. Vertebrand’s opportunity analysis framework is based on consumer insights, competition mapping, international benchmarking, and client capabilities. Based on this, the Operating Model is defined, along with the business plan with financial workings and sensitivity analysis. We take a 360 o view of India-entry mandates and our approach is underpinned by a seamless connect between Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Brand & Communication, Digital Engagement, People and Process. From CONCEPT to STRATEGY to IMPLEMENTATION to PROFITABILITY, we have it all covered. In addition, we have access to a wide network of domestic partners and liaison experts who work closely with us to maximize the opportunity and mitigate cost and risk for our clients.

Brands are assets and the key to creating sustainable value in a business. However, they are most often valued only when they are bought or sold, or as part of due diligence during a merger. We at Vertebrand believe in tracking brand valuation as an indication of business growth, marketing effectiveness and long- term investment. Our proprietary valuation methodology that marries our unique Brand Health index with the Royalty Relief approach, has been used for international, multi-country acquisitions and mergers, and been validated by currency regulators and central banks. It combines marketing and brand parameters with robust financial metrics.

The Vertebrand Difference

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Business Strategy

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