Organization Culture & Capability

We believe that the customer promise of an organisation can be experienced outside, only if it is lived inside. That said, it seems to be an ever-present distance that the people within the organisation are unable to traverse. This is what prevents any business from having an aligned culture. So, how can this gap be bridged? At Vertebrand, the VEncompass team answers this through internal brand alignment and transformation of the organisation culture by aligning people with the customer promise for profitable growth. We bring about alignment at three levels – the individual, the function and the organisation.

We understand what it takes to deliver lasting performance gain. We offer a full range of services needed to deliver the results. We do not leave PowerPoint documents or working software behind. We orchestrate business transformation through people, process, technology, and data via a business outcome centric engagement model. We stay with you till you see measurable business results and ROI we promised in the business case.


Is the structure of your organisation designed and set up to meet the strategic, operational and financial goals? This question is often one of the biggest challenges that organisations face. Vertebrand’s obsession with making  a difference through a Brand and consumer centric approach helps us to design  or re-align the organisation to meet business goals.

Organisation structures are evolved to be in harmony with the company values and brand ethos, while enabling speed and operational effectiveness. We believe in removing complexity in the ways of working of organisations and help to create organisation structures that establish clear accountability, decision rights and appropriate empowerment to serve customer needs and expectations better.

Are the knowledge, skills & behaviours in your organisation delivering business results? At Vertebrand, we specialise in developing competency models that enable high performance, retain the best talent and improve business results.

In addition to creating a competency framework, we also assess the current level of competencies, identify gaps and engage with you, in skill development. Vertebrand's team of Brand Engineers customise learning and development programs that can cover a host of functional & behavioural competencies, ranging from sales, customer service and merchandising, to strategy, leadership and more.

In a rapidly changing market landscape, driven by technology and innovation in product, processes and services, there is a need to constantly develop and upgrade the skills of employees across all levels, to stay ahead. Vertebrand recognises the need and the benefit of investment in developing superior capabilities of employees and partners.

Through a focussed skill development programme that starts with assessment of competency for the future, to designing and delivering relevant and customised training, Vertebrand helps organisations to drive productivity and build high performance teams. With a strong belief that the “right people matter“, we develop solutions that address technical, managerial, strategic and leadership skills and help in creating a culture of “continuous learning“.

The core focus of Vertebrand’s Performance Management Framework is productivity & profitability. We design and deploy an organisation-wide system that helps set, measure and monitor strategic as well as operational goals across 4 levels: Organization - Department/Function - Process - People. What more? We enable organisations unleash the potential of their talent by nurturing a Performance Culture that provides for freedom within a framework.

Our Performance Framework Dossier includes:

  •  Multi-level Organograms & Role Kits for Role Clarity
  •  Function Blueprints to enhance inter & intra-departmental connectivities with internal & external stakeholders
  • Tools Kits to clarify Responsibility - Accountabilities-Authorities - Support & Guidance from appropriate roles
  • Quantifiable Functional & Behavioural Parameters for each role shall be aligned to the Strategic & Operational Objectives
  •  Awareness & Alignment workshops to instil a sense of ownership for the performance framework

Do you have an integrated framework that helps you drive business results? Are you deriving benefits from a world class business excellence model? Does your organisation culture help in enhancing revenues, improving your benefit to cost ratios, increase productivity and reduce operating costs? At Vertebrand we believe in excellence through culture. How can you nurture a business excellence culture in your organisation?

Go ahead and choose your business excellence model and we will help identify the right one for you. The most important part is to get your culture to support your model. Vertebrand Deploys a Business Excellence Road Map that initiates and sustains a business excellence culture in your organisation to:

  • Measure the synergy between people, processes and BE Objectives
  • Energise your people to create a sense of pride & ownership for BE
  • Design the Internal Assessment Process & Develops Assessment skills
  • Facilitate application to BE Awards
  • Enable sustained efforts in the post-awards journey


Does your organisation boast of a unique cultural identity? Do you use culture as your competitive advantage?

At Vertebrand we strongly believe that your company culture can help you differentiate your brand, attract and retain talent and build strong relationships with your customers, vendors & partners. Moreover, building differentiators based on products, services & prices are only low hanging fruits for competition to quickly replicate!

While you accelerate your growth strategies with rapid expansion, diversification, acquisition,
mergers or even demergers – cultural imbalances are a given. When you are on your digital transformation journey, first building a digital culture, is a prerequisite. Your Business Purpose could be Growth, Brand or Digitisation; At Vertebrand, we specialise in running measureable culture transformation programs that aim at redefining and rejuvenating your cultural identity to sync with your Business Purpose.

Here’s How

Vertebrand’s suite for Culture Transformation helps:

  • Scan your ecosystem
  • Co-Create a Unique Cultural Blueprint
  • Measure Cultural Alignment & Identify Culture Champions
  • Create Awareness and build Ownership for the Cultural Imperatives

Contact us to know more Entropy-EncodeTM PaaS – our proprietary tool for Culture Audits.

The Vertebrand Difference


Enabling Cultural Identity

In a bid to support its ambitious business plans, Indhan Ltd. has brought into its fold, more than 1000 professionals from diverse industries across the world. Hence, the organization comprised of multiple sub-cultures and needed to:
• E¬ffectively manage the differences arising from rapidly evolving, multi-cultural and diverse sub-environments.
• Leverage the Collective Strengths of the organization, through active collaboration Indhan Ltd. therefore wished to embark on an endeavor to establish a Singular Cultural Identity that would enable an integrated culture.
Vertebrand followed a 3-phased approach for the Cultural Integration endeavor at Indhan Ltd.

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