The intrinsic value of a brand resides in the consumer mind-space it occupies. Therefore, the Vertebrand approach blends both consumer-focused and financial-focused models. It uses a 360-degree format for evaluating brand performance – feedback from consumers/customers, channel partners, influencers, investors and other target groups. The methodology entails a step-by-step process detailed below.

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Branding stories from the agri business

A brand gives an identity to a commodity and desirability to purchase. Not only does it help in quality assurance, but also repurchases have often been allied with good quality branded products, thereby increasing loyalty among the customers. Majority of agri products in India are sold to the market as commodities.
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Experience Brands

Hotels, restaurants, shops, airlines, malls, cruise ships, hospitals... services like these represent the most exciting opportunity in branding. Complicated and simple, easy and difficult, branding a consumer service is going to be the marketing challenge for the next decade.
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Channel Surfing – Channel Strategy & Structure

For over 50 years Blue Star pursued a direct sales strategy through 4 dealerised divisions. The company realized that the independent dealerization program for each division was resulting in channels that lacked direction and smaller divisions getting short-changed by multi-line dealers. Blue Star approached Vertebrand to assist with revitalizing its channel strategy. Vertebrand’s mandate was to develop a Channel Operating Model, Norms for classifi¬cation of Channel Members, Blue Star’s Value Proposition to the Channel, Channel’s Value Proposition to the customer and ultimately a robust Channel strategy.

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