The foundation of the branding process, V-ShapeTM moulds the VintellityTM of your brand. The VintellityTM of a brand has two facets – personality (brand behaviour) and intelligence (brand capabilities).

  • The core target customer for the brand
  • The heritage of the organization
  • The category and input intelligences
  • Brand Personality – this expresses the Brand Behavior
  • Core and Peripheral values of the brand
  • Brand Essence
  • The functional and emotional promise of the brand
  • Brand positioning statement

Based on the market scan and understanding of the current brand equity, Vertebrand will examine how the brand proposition needs to be redefined for the Infionic brand.

This will be done using our proprietary process  Vintellity™. Vintellity™ follows an interactive workshop format. At the end of this workshop, the brand blueprint will be created and captured as the Vertebrand Arrow™. This will help the brand stand out from the other brands in the market, and offer something unique to the consumer.

Also, the right positioning will help the brand establish relevance and an emotional connect with the customer, generating pull for the brand.

  • The Vertebrand Arrow™ is the of the Vintellity™ workshop: a proprietary format that is the final Brand Blueprint.
  • It clearly identifies the positioning, the core & peripheral values of the brand, and its value proposition to customers.
  • With the Vertebrand Arrow™ as the basis, the rest of the creative deliverables will be designed.
  • It will serve as a guide/reference for all activities related to the brand. This includes
    • taking key decisions about the brand in terms of products, distribution, pricing, advertising, PR, activation, etc.
    • deciding the look and feel of the brand
    • briefing the advertising agency, activation agency and digital marketing agency on creating campaigns for the brand
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What does it take to build a brand?

Worldwide, companies and economies have realized the importance of intangible assets, as they offer a stronger bulwark against competition, compared to tangible assets which are more easily replicable. The brand has always been more than a product
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Branding stories from the agri business

A brand gives an identity to a commodity and desirability to purchase. Not only does it help in quality assurance, but also repurchases have often been allied with good quality branded products, thereby increasing loyalty among the customers. Majority of agri products in India are sold to the market as commodities.
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Treading New Ground – Brand architecture & Strategy

Following TAFE’s new acquisition, the brand commissioned Vertebrand to design their brand architecture so that the three brands could effectively handle their large, well-entrenched competitor. Further, we were asked to develop a strategic and physical identity for brand TAFE.

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