We understand that India is seeing a strong uptick in growth indicators, but this country comes with her own set of idiosyncrasies and challenges. One might even argue that with a huge pool of intelligent, hard-working professionals, it should be a breeze to set up and create a brand, right? Not that simple! India does branding in India’s unique and complicated way.


Here coffee cafés compete with beer pubs. Hair is a ₹ 2500 crore business. Close to 95% output of MSME sector is used in domestic consumption. Consumer spending is expected to triple to $3.6 trillion by 2020, making it the third largest economy in the world. And women in rural India are better connected than their global counterparts in both the physical and digital sense.


For over 17 years now, we have been helping some of the biggest names in the business address the challenges of this market. Our team of specialists will be happy to share this knowledge with you too.

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A complex, alluring & beguiling market;
Vertebrand has an unusual and deep insight into India

Redesigning brands for growth


MTR Foods is now part of the NOK 33Bn Orkla Group and the national leader in breakfast mixes


MTR Foods grew from a small packaged foods business in the 1980s to being a part of the NOK 33Bn Orkla Group in 2007 and the national leader in breakfast mixes by 2016. The company understood that ‘brand’ is where the business was. Many small and medium enterprises in India are true powerhouses fuelling markets and the technology innovation drive. But, if there is one thing that fails the spirit of these entrepreneurs, it is their ability to scale the ‘brand’ and cash in on larger opportunities. This is exactly where Vertebrand can play a role; in transforming today’s big businesses into tomorrow’s ‘ big brands’! We have engaged with many businesses as their ‘outsourced’ marketing team, helping them address this need gap.

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What does it take to build a brand?

Worldwide, companies and economies have realized the importance of intangible assets, as they offer a stronger bulwark against competition, compared to tangible assets which are more easily replicable. The brand has always been more than a product
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