Brand architecture, go-to market plans and digital transformation

This division of Vertebrand specialises in developing a value proposition for your brand/s and consequently a communication strategy.

Without knowing what motivates your audience, you waste your time and resources on solutions that fall flat. VXuber has developed proprietary tools to address customer insight challenges and make that crucial link between brand decisions and business results. We’ll help you uncover what truly drives all your stakeholders’ needs, perceptions and behaviour, giving you data-driven insights.

VintellityTM and the Vertebrand ArrowTM are patented methodologies to help you design an unique brand strategy that will propel your business forward. We’ll help you decide which of your brand characteristics can drive the most market share and help you to fight against even far larger competition.

V Xuber also has a team of Digital Strategy, Analytics and SMM experts, which can advise you on how best to engage virtually with your customers to drive brand perception and purchase. Our expertise in the digital domain can successfully enable businesses to make the transition from off-line selling to on- line impact, extremely vital in a world of increasing social distancing.


Brand Strategy & Architecture

In today’s competitive world, with the increasing commoditisation of virtually every product and service, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate their offerings.

Vertebrand has deep-domain expertise in advising clients on how best to differentiate their products or services from competition. Using scientific research methodologies and consumer insight techniques, we help you to arrive at a rigorous left-brained solution of what the brand should do. This includes nomenclature, the branding and sub-branding system, a house of brands versus a branded house and all the other details that need to be finalized. And we help you do it before you and your agency rush into spending money on advertising and communication.

Digital Strategy & Engagement

In an increasingly digital world, using a clicks-and-mortar model of reaching customers, has become an absolute necessity.  While everyone realises the power of the on-line medium, amazingly there is very little knowledge going around on the why and what of the digital medium.  Most digital marketing firms are spending only in the ‘how,’ which means digital campaigns, social media posts and other means of communication.

What is really important is to have a  thorough understanding of the purchase behaviour of our target customers in the digital space.

Using a blend of data analysis, research and trend-mapping, Vertebrand can provide clients tailor-made solutions to develop online reach programmes and initiatives to foster continuous digital engagement.  We also use measuring techniques to monitor progress, make on-going course corrections and maximise your share of the customer’s digital wallet.

Outsourced Brand Management

Powerful brands worldwide have not been built by accident. Businesses have painstakingly invested in rigorous Brand Management systems and a top-notch pool of Marketing experts – by design.  A lot of large family-run businesses in India and fast- growing medium enterprises are yet to learn the science and art of brand management – especially as a route to enhancing business profitability.  Trading in a product or service, coupled with high-decibel advertising, with perhaps a celebrity endorsement thrown in, sadly, is confused with brand-building.

Vertebrand has the  expertise and bandwidth to function as your outsourced Brand Management team. We specialize in working with businesses who have the intent, but lack the scientific knowledge of branding.  Using a team of senior strategists and a dedicated pool of on-site Brand Managers at your premises, Vertebrand ensures that the value of your brands grow continuously at an accelerated pace.

Go to Market Plans

“Look before you leap,” is an age old saying that most of us find familiar. Unfortunately, this commandment is rarely followed in today’s business world.  For those who believe that it is important to get it right rather than just taking the plunge, Vertebrand has proprietary tools and enormous expertise to help your business–brand succeed in the market place.

Prior to launch, Vertebrand meticulously works on a comprehensive Sales & Marketing plan.  We use Consumer Research and Data Analysis to predict brand’s likely demand and the approach to  encountering challenges from other competitors in the market.

We also recommend Pricing, Distribution and Positioning Strategies.  We work out the necessary HR & Marketing Resourcing Plan – ending with even the likely communication and media plans and budgets.

Basically, Vertebrand arrives at a plan covering all the 7 Ps in as detailed manner as possible – so as to mitigate risks associated with new product/service launches.

Success Stories

Brand architecture

Large Tractor Brand

Brand Launch

A Traditional Bangalore Restaurant

Outsourced Brand Management

One of India’s Largest Two-Wheeler Tyre Brands
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