What we do

We design and execute innovative strategies to create strong businesses in the Indian environment

Vertebrand is a business consulting + execution company that understands India better than any other

We will be your end-to-end solutions partner enabling a brand-guided business transformation and ensuring that the brand value of your business is continuously and measurably enhanced – even in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world.

To help you build brand and business’ value we use a blend of science and creativity and concentrate on the 7 ‘p’s: Product, Price, Place, Process, Physical Evidence, Promotions and People.

And we do not stop with a strategy. We are a group of experts in 3 practices who believe in working on-the-ground as ex-officio members of your organization. Our engagements are a continuous journey, orchestrating an exponential increase in the value and profitability of a business. To make this possible, Vertebrand is made up of three practices that work together in a concerted and coordinated manner.


Crafting your Business strategy

Brand Valuation

Supply Chain Optimisation

Inventory Cost Reduction

 Business Strategy Planning


Honing your HR strategy

Business Excellence

Customised training for
Organization and Management

 Culture Transformation

Vision Setting and Leadership

 Organisation structure and
Performance Management


Designing your brand strategy

Brand Strategy + Architecture

Digital Strategy and Engagement

 Outsourced Brand Marketing and

 Go to Market Plans

Our Expertise

We craft your business strategy through the prism of the brand to help you face the future.


Design research instruments

Junior consultants for field research

Digital listening experts for online research

Arrive at business insights

Innovative Strategy

Reinventing Distribution+ Improving Inventory management

Refining Product strategy

Personnel management strategy

Brand strategy

Marketing strategy

Strategic Foresight

Futuristic design tools: V-Max™, Vintellity™ and the Vertebrand Arrow™, V-Sense™

Over 200 years of collective experience in strategy

Understanding from over 250 clients

Future planning for over 20 years

Practical Direction

Experienced practitioners

Feet-on-the-ground recommendations

Based on implemented solutions

Highly experienced and detailed supervision

We execute strategy and help you improve every aspect of your business-brand.

On-site Execution

Specially identified and selected representatives stationed on site

Expert supervision by highly experienced senior managers

Quantifiable and verifiable results

Constant monitoring of results and tweaking of methods where necessary

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