Channel Strategy, Operational Efficiency and Brand Valuation

Vertebrand has a track record of having successfully partnered more than 200 businesses over the years across multiple sectors. The deep market insights and understanding of India derived from these engagements are all brought to focus within V Nova.

This division’s expertise lies in developing robust business plans and new operating models to enhance business efficiency. To manage this, V Nova has a suite of proprietary tools. These include research methodologies, modelling systems and alliance strategies to enhance supply chain efficiencies. We also deploy technology-enabled analytics tools to measure business performance.

In addition, our team of experts assist clients, both domestic and international, in assessing market opportunities and recommending entry strategies.

This division also has proven expertise in physical and on-line retailing operations, franchisee model development as well as e-commerce enablement of brick and mortar businesses.

Finally, V Nova’s acclaimed Brand valuation methodology, V CapTM  has been widely endorsed by businesses and investors alike. It is based on our strong belief that brands are assets and extremely important in creating sustainable value in a business.


Business Strategy

V-Nova helps you to formulate a winning strategy that help you achieve sustainable competitive advantage and profitability.

We provide sector-specific consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as growth and diversification. Our ability to uncover hidden consumer needs and develop innovative solutions to meet those needs has enabled our clients to discover new revenue streams and new business models. We also assist our clients with development of detailed financial and operational plans.

V-Nova also has the capability and senior management skills to execute recommendations and ensure they work as planned.

Supply chain and Inventory cost optimization

V-Nova uses its proprietary tool, V-Max, to optimise inventory across the supply chain. We go well beyond the conventional boundaries of supply chain management to fix fundamental processes that lead to unproductive inventory. These extend across both the front end and back end of demand management.

Our process starts with an in-depth analysis of data. This helps us to understand the issues at different nodes of the supply chain. This will therefore help us to devise methods to manage inventory optimally to fulfil demand at desirable service levels. The strategy, process and techniques are integrated seamlessly into a decision support system that can be executed very easily by the planning team. Our key advantage is the simplicity of our solution.

We recognise that capability and maturity levels of organisations differ vastly. So we design solutions that are “Just Right” for your organisation ranging from quick process, techniques and application interventions to more evolved tech based solutions using artificial intelligence. We focus on ensuring “right product, right time, right place” to maximize value to your business whether it be through margin enhancement, reduction of lost sales, increase in ROI of inventory, Increase in stock turns, or optimised SKU offerings. 

Our solutions are always tailored to your organisation’s needs to ensure effectiveness. Easy to adopt, our inventory management solutions typically result in inventory reduction of 20–30 % at the same level of demand.

Last but not least we train your team to understand and execute our solutions. Helping you with recruitment where necessary.

Brand Valuation

In Vertebrand’s view brands are a company’s most important assets and the key to creating sustainable value in a business. However, they are most often valued only when they are bought or sold, or as part of due diligence during a merger.

V-Nova, a division of Vertebrand, believes in tracking brand valuation as an indication of business growth, marketing effectiveness and long-term investment. Our proprietary valuation methodology that marries our unique Brand Health index with the Royalty Relief approach, has been used for international, multi-country acquisitions and mergers, and been validated by currency regulators and central banks. It combines marketing and brand parameters with robust financial metrics.

Success Stories

Brand Valuation

Large Commercial Vehicle Brand

India Entry strategy

International Fragrances Company

Cost Reduction through Efficient Inventory planning

A Menswear Manufacturer and Retailer
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