A first-of-its-kind expert product solution in India, our People Alignment practice, VEncompass helps business leaders and the HR leaders align a company’s internal employees with its external customer promise through a simple, easy-to-use suite of products. We believe that the customer promise of an organisation can be experienced outside, only if it is ‘lived’ inside. By assisting enterprises in aligning people to the customer promise, we are instrumental in bringing about a cultural transformation, leading to profitable growth of the business. We bring about alignment at three levels – the individual, the functional and the organisational.

EntropyTM, our proprietary tool-kit for internal alignment, is perhaps the only product in the country that quantifies the degree of alignment between ‘people equity’ and ‘brand equity’ and recommends specific corrective measures.

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Delivering the brand promise – The role of HR

New entrants & intense competition continue to create the need for improving the brand presence of organisations as well as fine tuning their brand focus. However, there is always a gap between the external market dynamics and the internal people-management systems.
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Enabling Cultural Identity

In a bid to support its ambitious business plans, Indhan Ltd. has brought into its fold, more than 1000 professionals from diverse industries across the world. Hence, the organization comprised of multiple sub-cultures and needed to:
• E¬ffectively manage the differences arising from rapidly evolving, multi-cultural and diverse sub-environments.
• Leverage the Collective Strengths of the organization, through active collaboration Indhan Ltd. therefore wished to embark on an endeavor to establish a Singular Cultural Identity that would enable an integrated culture.
Vertebrand followed a 3-phased approach for the Cultural Integration endeavor at Indhan Ltd.

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