Fast-Growing Indian Petroleum Company

Enabling Cultural Transformation

Helping our client integrate its culture and unite its organization

Our client was a petroleum company poised for fast and rapid growth. It had a capacity of about 10 million metric tons per annum covering a wide range of petroleum products aimed to target both the public and private sector customers in India. This was backed by cutting edge technology that matched global norms and expansion plans to top-up capacities.

Its strong focus on technology had enabled it to achieve capacity utilization levels of 120 percent on a consistent basis. It is also among the first companies in India to be equipped with processes to meet the stringent Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards.

The business challenge

In a bid to support its ambitious business plans, our client had employed more than 1000 professionals from diverse industries across the world. As a result, the organization needed to effectively integrate its culture and bridge the differences arising from rapidly evolving, multi-cultural and diverse sub-environments and leverage the collective strengths of the organization and foster active collaboration.

Our client had already initiated the cultural-integration journey by undertaking a few interventions which included the identification of over 100 Potential Leaders who could be Culture Champions; the design of Individual Development Plans for the identified leaders

With the key role players in place, the stage was therefore set for co-creating a Cultural Integration Blueprint (CI Blueprint) for our client and cascading the blueprint throughout the company through the Culture Champions.

What We Did

Vertebrand followed a 3-phased approach for the cultural integration endeavor


In the first phase we deployed Vertebrand’s proprietary tool Entropy-Encode™ PaaS to assess the extent of cultural integration at organizational as well as function-team levels. The process also involved studying the various elements of the ecosystem and meeting with key customers across segments in order to mine insights about the customer perspective. We also spoke to the top-leadership team to understand their key strengths. We investigated the challenges and aspirations of the organization as a whole as well as of each business entity and key function. This phase helped decipher the key elements for cultural integration and hence arrive at broad framework.

In the second phase, Vertebrand’s Encompass team focused on creating a felt-need as well as a sense of ownership for cultural Integration amongst the identified Culture Champions. This was achieved through a series of interventions with them which included wide-spread communication as well as customised co-creation sessions. All this developed a sense of ownership for cultural integration among the potential leadership. The cultural integration blueprint which emerged was not only signed-off  by the Culture Champions but key action plans were also developed in order to bring life to the blueprint within the organization.


The third phase involved handholding and guiding. All initiatives were designed and executed with the purpose of instilling confidence in the core team at our client’s company to take ownership and be at the forefront of the transformation process at the company. It involved many hands-on participative sessions including role play and case study to help the core team identify the right culture enabling parameters, assess where they stand now and identify priority areas for improvement.

The Results :

Vertebrand’s engagement established a felt-need for Cultural Integration; it empowered the key leadership to be Culture Champions; and created A Cultural Blueprint for the future.

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