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Solutions for a Post-COVID19 world How can Vertebrand help you at this time?

In an uncertain VUCA world, there is much you will have to change internally and externally to respond to the many changes that are approaching. And Vertebrand has many products that will help you to manage the vagaries of the ‘new normal.’
V-Creff™ is a product that will examine your processes, identify the lacunae and help you to find solutions in a variety of cost-saving areas including inventory, supply chain and finance. This will be accomplished through a two-day V-Cathlon™ workshop. Like a Decathlon, this workshop consists of a series of intensive exercises that will help you reach the finishing line in great shape.
V-Shape™, Vertebrand’s proprietary brand development system, is normally a 3-month process if you include the research that normally needs to be done. But it in the ‘new normal’ it can be abridged to become 10 days of knowledge acquisition through secondary research, followed by a two-day workshop, where will use the knowledge and minds of your own people to arrive at a robust and cogent brand strategy.
V-Imagine™ is a workshop that helps you to get the one thing that will get you out of today’s problems: ideas. Using a series of proven techniques, this two-day workshop will help you to reap up to 150 ideas for whatever your key issue may be.
V-Teach™ is a series of workshops that will help you to smooth out issues that will become more prominent as this crisis continues. Two such vital areas are presentation and writing skills. Vertebrand has proven workshops to help you improve your people in these areas that are bound to become more important in a world of social distancing.

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The implications of Work From Home on assessment of
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How Vertebrand helped the company’s various channels become more coordinated and the company more profitable

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