The gig of all gigs

This Gig Economy…

…So much has been said and celebrated. So much of it has been extolled and marvelled. So much has been welcomed and  appreciated; 

The freedom of thought, views, beliefs, ideas and the pure joy of creation; 

Yet, there is an undercurrent of the opposites, building up, fed by mediocrity and the struggle to catch up. Nurtured by a  truth that is less brilliant and more real. 

By what we could as well accept and acknowledge. 

By humanity. 

Humanity that yearns to live in flashes of brilliance but is entangled in the theory of evolution. Humanity that has humans; Living, breathing, working, struggling, swimming, diving and only sometimes leaping. Humans who dream of breaking free, little realising that the freedom is, secretly nestled within form and function.  Humans who from eons, search for style and waylay the substance; live for today and give away the tomorrows. Yes, we humans… 

We humans need a structure. Not all of us are blessed with one in our mind. A miniscule few have it in our heart. 

The discipline that makes us what we are and helps us realise our true potential, probably loses relevance when the world is  on a gig dance. 

Gigging makes us yearn for minimisation of discipline and maximization of results. 

That’s a short cut; A (mis)managed imbalance. 

While the universe always nurtures balance. 

Ecological, Environmental, Emotional, Social, Economical, Balance. 

Wars, Social Trends, Epidemics and Fads…the universe has seen them all. The gigs, big and small! It’s simple answer has always restore balance. 

But to tip the scales back to justice, there is a wait…typically a long one… 

The universe probably waits for the imbalance to be as apparent as it should be, to have universal acceptance for the  balance. 

And then, the pendulum swings back! 

The electron within the atom, can zig-zag at dizzying speeds that make it sparkle and dazzle…yet its uncertainty is captured  and quantified to an unknown simple that is matter or light. It can either gain momentum or hold it’s position. It can revel  in its speed for now, yet it has no choice but to be ruled by the equation of the infinite universe. The one that is beyond all  atoms and yet within all atoms. 

This gig electron too will see the light (beyond its own) soon… 

Till then, let us:

Gig Gig Giggle 

I grabbed my keys 
And hugged the wheel
I rushed to work 
And reached on time

Not any more 

I gig it 
I gig gig it 
I gig gig giggle it. 

I work for many 
I work for more 

I polished my words
and flashed my
work I shared my
And waited for a perk

Not any more. 

I gig it 
I gig gig it 
I gig gig giggle it. 

I think on my own 
I publish on my own
I own my idea 
And I own my book 

I worked like a mule  
And I worked some more To  
earn my life 
I gave up my soul 

Not any more. 

I gig it 
I gig gig it 
I gig gig giggle it 

I run like a horse 
And race to my goal I
make my own rainbow
And colour my soul 

I gig it 
I gig gig it 
I gig gig giggle it 

And, on the other side…
I reigned like a queen 
I made all the rules 
I was big and roomy 
I was level economy 

They gig it 
They gig gig it 
They gig gig giggle it 

I see-saw and verve 
I cut through every curve 
I give when I please 
And try every tease 

I throw a few carrots 
Then drop a few bombs 
I build a few castles 
Then drag them to the streets 

I am now unhinged 
My balance is all gone 
I lash out like a whip 
And I rule like a don 

I take a few lives 
And dance to a dirge 
The souls that come alive 
I squash after the surge 

They are slow on the uptake 
And will stake every chance 
I shall gloat over their folly 
Till they beg for re 

They gig it 
They gig gig it 
They gig gig giggle it 

They shall regret it; chuck it; 
And forever, forget it. 


They shall learn from it; use it; optimise it; 
And forever, balance it. 

Sowmya Raghu Raman

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