After close to 2 decades of adding brand value to businesses in the Indian market, India’s premier Brand Consulting firm, Vertebrand, has added a new pillar to its suite of services.

Vertebrand has established a new practice called V-Nova, focussed extensively on Supply Chain, Operational efficiencies and Retail Strategy functions.This practice is being developed and mentored by Mr.C.S. Suryanarayan ( Sury), a global veteran in the Fashion & Supply chain sector. Sury has associated with Vertebrand in the capacity as Investor-cum-Senior Partner.

Sury – an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, was the MD of Levis Strauss India and part of their Global Supply Chain Strategy team. He has over 3 decades of expertise across Supply Chain, Retail Operations and business Strategy functions. He was also one of the earliest team members of PepsiCo’s Indian operations. At Levis, Sury has also held leadership positions across the Middle East region and key Asian markets like Japan and Korea.

Based in Bangalore, Sury will help build Vertebrand’s VNova practice, apart from using his global network of connects to help Vertebrand further expand its ever-growing clientele.

“We are delighted to associate with an industry veteran like Sury, who is an acknowledged expert in the Retail & Supply chain sectors. Sury will help Vertebrand build further competencies in this area and also help develop proprietary consulting products that marry supply chain efficiencies with Brand strategy. Given our unique focus on Brand Value-building, as against pure-play branding, Vertebrand realises the impact of supply chain efficiency on Brand equity of businesses. In most businesses, functions like supply chain, HR etc are seen as discrete functions, independent of marketing & Branding. That’s the myth Vertebrand is trying to break, given its 20 years of expertise in building brand value by tackling all elements of the business, on a 360 degree basis”, says Raghu B.Vishwanath, Vertebrand’s Founder and Group Chairman.

Commenting on his association with Vertebrand, Suryanarayan says, “Most businesses across India have thus far been treating organisational functions in a disparate manner. Supply chain and customer reach inefficiencies have been two important functions that have adversely impacted client satisfaction. The learnings this year due to the pandemic have been even more significant. Having handled leadership functions in the Retail & Fashion sector across the globe and having been responsible for large, cross-border supply chain projects, I am convinced that this function plays a very critical role in impacting brand equity. Many businesses believe that operational and supply chain efficiencies are ‘independent’ of marketing. This cannot be farther from the truth! In reality, even devising a robust supply chain model and/or taking decisions on inventory management should ALWAYS be through the customer lens.

I was very impressed with Vertebrand’s unique and perhaps contrarian point of view on building brand value through a 360-degree focus on all business parameters and processes – where the BRAND actually comes first and the various business functions need to be re-purposed around the brand value proposition (not the other way around!). This clearly is a meaningful differentiation in an otherwise-crowded consulting services market in India.”