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People and process alignment

We helped Bangalore’s leading group of educational institutions to achieve a cultural transformation

Client Profile: Our client was a trust managing Bangalore’s leading group of educational institutions. The Group continually strives to improve both quantum and quality of output offered to students and the talent market. We were briefed to work with the Group’s flagship Institute

The business challenge

The Group had embarked on a Strategy Planning Endeavour in 2016 and had outlined the strategic goals for the period 2016-21 key among which was for their flagship institute ‘to be a torch bearer among technical education institutions at the National and Asia-pacific level by 2021.’ The Group engaged Vertebrand and V-Encompass’ services to help support them in the achievement of this strategic goal of securing this ranking.

What We Did

V-Encompass conducted a detailed Study of the internal environment at the flagship institute, identifying their vision, mission, achievements, aspirations, imperatives and challenges. Our consultants also had in-depth Interactions with the institute’s key role holders. This helped us to identify key areas of change. Role clarity sessions were designed and deployed to facilitate effective and efficient resource optimisation. The institution was restructured based on a detailed benchmarking exercise that mapped its  people and processes with top ranked in the same area across the globe.

Our Solution

The study culminated in a comprehensive diagnosis of the institution with a two-pronged focus on both academic as well as strategic capabilities. In addition to pure-play academic excellence, we identified the need for strategic excellence in research & development, industry relations, alumni connects, multi-disciplinary curriculum and blended learning opportunities. This served as a basis for a revised organogram for the Institute; detailed functional organograms; the identification of critical positions beyond academics; redesigning dcademic roles to include strategic responsibilities; development of role kits including performance indicators for all academic and strategic roles; identification of key competencies and mapping competencies to role holders.

The Results :

VEncompass’ intervention for people and process alignment in the flagship institute ushered in a cultural transformation.  At the strategic level the institution was now better equipped to achieve its vision of global recognition; at an operational level, the deliverables from the engagement served as the key inputs for SAP implementation for long term sustenance.

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