India’s Successful Brand of Cleaners and Protectors

Making a Clean Sweep

Providing a strategic analysis for entry into the Indian market for a cleaning and protectors brand.

Client Profile: Scotchgard is an internationally successful brand of cleaners and protectors. From the house of 3M, Scotchgard was launched in 1956. 3M is a 118 year old American multinational conglomerate operating in the fields of industry, worker safety, health care and consumer goods. They produce over 60000 products under several brands.

The business challenge

3M wanted to bring their brand of cleaners and protectors, Scotchgard into the Indian market. They approached Vertebrand to evolve a complete sales and marketing strategy to launch and roll out their brand in this market.

What We Did

There were five tasks in front of us:

  • To estimate the market size for the brand and identify the target customer segment and profile. This was done by defining the geographical market, predicting the purchase frequency of the target consumer and the possible penetration percentage in that market
  • To review the brand identity and consider the alignment required based on the peculiarities of the Indian market. 
  • To develop a clear marketing and communication plan for the launch
  • To outline an organisational plan which will be in line with the roll out plan.

These tasks were completed using in depth research to understand the customer profile, competition and market size. In addition, the four P’s, that is, the product, place, price and promotions were detailed out.

What We Found Out

We found that the core consumer segment was in the age bracket of 30-45 years, mostly the lady of the house and is someone who is well educated, took pride in their home and was used to using modern cleaning methods. They would also be open to new products that were deemed to be effective in cleaning and protection. There was no clear data to estimate the size of this core target, so “ownership of car” was used as a lifestyle substitute to gather data.

As far as products were concerned, fabric and upholstery cleaners appeared to have the highest estimation of purchase.

The brand identity was about technology, innovation and specialisation and was positioned as “The only convenient and sophisticated tool that keeps the home spotlessly clean”

Consumers clearly indicated, during the research that they had apprehensions with the pack sizes and that this would need to be addressed.

Our Solution

Once we had provided the market estimation and a clear profile of the target customer, the client now needed a blueprint of the marketing plan to move forward.

We recommended that Scotchgard be available in a trial size, a value pack and a current pack. Each would have its own special pricing and would be in tune with the requirements of the customer. Clear details on “how to use” the product, the kind of fabric and stains it would work on and post use care would also need to be included in each pack.

Marketing communication to the final customer would be at three levels. At the point of usage, point of purchase and point of purchase of related items. A roll out plan detailing these activities for the next one year was discussed and finalised. 

Next came the retail plan. We suggested that Scotchgard would have its presence first at entry points like furniture showrooms, upholstery outlets, car showrooms etc., to initiate trials. Then the products would also retail from lifestyle stores and large retail stores. 

The trade channel structure suggested was through distributors who would then deal with the final retail stores or institutional clients. 

Organisationally, the client would need to look at separate teams to handle the retail business and the institutional business, since the requirements for both would be very different. Within the retail team, there would be representatives looking after the channel partners and another team who would focus on retail marketing, looking at building the brand at the retail level. We even provided detailed KRAs (key result areas) for these team members to take care of every aspect for the growth of the brand.

A similar exercise was also undertaken for the team looking after institutional sales as well, with tasks divided into pre-sales and post-sales. 

We saw a huge potential for the brand in the Indian market and recommended that Scotchgard make an entry as soon as possible. 

The Results :

3M brought Scotchgard into India and it is today one of the most trusted cleaning brands in the country. The product range is available across several stores and retail channels, on both offline and online platforms. It enjoys a good customer recall and is deemed to be effective and reliable.
As a company, 3M has shown a remarkable track record over the past decade, garnering a sizable chunk of the market, and looks poised to continue this in the years to come.

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