There are only two sources of competitive advantage: the ability to learn more about our customers faster than the competition and the ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition.
- Jack Welch, General Electric

Marketers today need solutions that allow them to put their energies to work - investigating and solving business challenges, rather than sorting through reports. Vertebrand understands this need best, given that its primary role, over the last 17 years, has been as an 'outsourced marketing team' to businesses on a high-growth curve. This experience has helped us create an 'Expert Marketing and Sales Toolkit' that provides support at every step of the planning and execution of your go-to-market plans.

Using our proprietary methodologies, the Vertebrand suite of expert-system based products provide an efficient and effective way to understand, tackle and track health and performance of the business from your desktop, in a uniquely adaptable way. The benefit of technology-enablement is that each customer is able to tailor the product to meet the individual needs of his/her business. At the next step, our products emulate the decision-support ability of a human expert. And our tools allow you to understand and track the strength of your brands and business both numerically and visually, over time.

Business Planning
Brand Capital Valuation
The Sales and Marketing Arsenal
People Equity Solutions

An expert system that provides the businessperson with an opportunity analysis and business plan for new launches or for international businesses entering the Indian market

A model that links financial valuation to brand metrics to arrive at the strategic value of the brand on the P&L

A tool that allows you to conduct an audit and track brand health across all measures; this product is currently available for 10 industry sectors and we are adding more soon

A product that combines the science and art of strategic brand identity and positioning development for new and existing brands

This product addresses the key imperative of the marketer and business leader to have an expert plus scientific way to plan and optimize spends across marketing, sales and distribution

A diagnostic tool that scans the external and internal teams of the business to arrive at an Entropy Quotient that helps the business leader understand where the organization is on the alignment path


AI-powered, adaptive talent analytics that delivers order-of-magnitude gains

Data science has continued to make rapid advances, particularly on the frontiers of machine learning and deep learning. The availability of data and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven models can be a game changer in the talent acquisition market today, as organisations grapple with the twin challenges of time and cost to identify, engage and attract right talent on-board. Most profoundly, their decisions no longer have to be made in the dark or based on gut instinct; they can be based on evidence, experiments, and more accurate forecasts.

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The challenges that come with digital transformation

The digital tsunami is moving at a rapid clip, encompassing all aspects of business and society. Understanding this dynamic and making the necessary changes is the context for digital transformation. The starting point is to assess your businesses’ state of digital preparedness based not just on technology, but on a comprehensive picture of digital integration and engagement throughout the business and its environs. This transformation poses five key challenges to businesses of all sizes: leadership, customer experience, employee and supplier engagement, increased competition and a talent war.

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Vertebrand investigates the future of Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is exciting, especially that it transcends more than just a tool for gaming but a way to improve human life in all its facets. MR, also known as Hybrid Reality, combines the best points of Virtual and Augmented Realities. Using this kind of environment, users can easily transition through the real and virtual world simultaneously. Unlike VR, that puts you in the environment and anchors everything to the user’s real world space, MR makes interactions more real by mimicking natural behaviour and perspective change as you interact with elements.

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