Marketers today need solutions that allow them to put their energies to work, investigating and solving business challenges rather than sorting through reports. Vertebrand understands this need best, given that its primary role over the last 17 years has been as an ‘outsourced marketing team’ to businesses on a high-growth curve. Our years of experience has helped us create an ‘Expert Marketing and Sales Toolkit’ that provides support at every step of the planning and execution of your go-to-market plans.

Using our proprietary methodologies, the Vertebrand suite of expert-system based products provide an efficient and effective way to understand, tackle and track health and performance of the business from your desktop, in a uniquely adaptable way. The benefit of technology-enablement is that each customer is able to tailor the product to meet the individual needs of his/her business. At the next step, our products emulate the decision-support ability of a human expert. Our tools allow you to understand, track the strength of your brand and business, both numerically and visually, over time.

Business Planning

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Brand Capital Valuation

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The Sales And Marketing Arsenal

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People Equity Solutions

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Delivering the brand promise – The role of HR

New entrants & intense competition continue to create the need for improving the brand presence of organisations as well as fine tuning their brand focus. However, there is always a gap between the external market dynamics and the internal people-management systems.
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Story of how value brands have transformed the UK clothing market

The UK clothing industry has three markets: the value market, the middle market, and the premium market. Unlike India which is clearly value market driven; the middle market remains the largest market in the UK. However, the value market and the premium market have been increasing their market share at the expense of the middle market in recent years
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