In a Covid impacted VUCA world, when demand generation is incredibly tough, the role of effective and efficient cost Management is the pivot around which success needs to be built.

The V-Creff tool addresses precisely this need with a comprehensive analysis and diagnostics of all costs and uses multiple methods to make your money work harder and better.

The V-Creff methodology encompasses 6 steps:

  • Determination of the strategic converged choice of objectives
  • Scenario planning with trigger-based change capability
  • Deep-dive identification of key constraints and their unlock solutions
  • Comprehensive analysis of costs and investments that add value across the business
  • Resource planning for effective execution and Oversight
  • Road map articulation and communication strategies and plans to generate organisational commitment.

We combine financial prudence and operational understanding to develop innovative solutions so that you can make necessary adjustments for the “New normal.” What is more, we ensure that all these are done with minimal impact to brand equity as we understand its importance particularly in a difficult situation of compressed demand.

Finally, we will hold your hands through implementation to ensure success of the recommendation

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