In this post-Covid era, the one thing that will be absolutely vital will be new ways of doing business, new products, new ways of handling people and new processes.

In the form of our two-day V-Imagine workshop, Vertebrand has a proven process to facilitate the development of new ideas. The workshop will expedite your own process of ideation and help you and your people to come up with ideas that will grow your business; take you into new areas; or find spaces to diversify within your area of competence.

The workshop incorporates close to 100 different techniques that help people arrive at ideas. It can be implemented among any group as long as they speak English. One place where this workshop was used was at ITC where a group comprising scientific and consumer researchers, and brand managers came up with over 150 new product ideas for a detergent.

The end result that you can expect is a list of ideas that can be implemented to change or improve your business. Vertebrand can also help you to check out and rate the ideas as a separate process.

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