V-Touch™ is a specialist product designed to help you to truly deliver best-in-class Customer Experience aligned to your retail Brand Value Proposition. Its purpose is to optimize brand delivery and customer experience in-store, and ensure that your physical retail assets deliver your brand differentiation at the point of sale.

V-Touch™ deals with ways to improve key metrics like customer satisfaction; shopper dwell time; customer retention and loyalty; and less time between visits.

The V-Touch™ product involves a process that begins with structured, multi-modal information collection from stores. We then map customer expectations and satisfaction through online Sentiment Analysis. As is Vertebrand practice, we keep track of what is working or not with pre and post measurement of customer experience and satisfaction.

V-Touch™ incorporates a highly structured format for mapping Customer Touchpoints and recording visual impact, and mapping in-store/POS delivery of the retail Brand Value Proposition.

We also work with you to provide execution support in templatizing solutions and deployment across your entire outlet universe if desired.

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