V-Scan is your best weapon in your fight for market share. It is an unfortunate truth that brand failure rates in general are very high. And India is no exception. It will be even more difficult in these post-Covid, China-antagonistic times.

V-Scan is a tool that has been specifically designed to give you the knowledge you need to plan a proper campaign to become strong and viable business – whether B2C or B2B – with clear directions for an effective product, business and brand strategy. Comprising key components like opportunity assessment, detailed mapping of the competition and of distribution channels, identification of your ideal target consumer, insightful consumer knowledge, locational analysis and more, V-Scan provides credible and actionable answers to all your questions.

Vertebrand has formidable expertise and experience in opportunity assessment and business plan preparation. The V-Scan tool has been implemented on behalf of multiple industries and for numerous consumer products. The tool has been even been used for MNCs wanting to enter India. The business plans that have prepared with the aid of this tool have been used to generate venture funding, as well as to launch or revitalise businesses.

The tool is supported by Vertebrand’s unparalleled experience of India, Indian industry and Indian conditions to give you a specific plan for the entire country, a specific state of even a specific city.

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