V-Map™ is Vertebrand’s proprietary market-mapping tool developed specifically for the Pharmaceutical Industry to help you to follow a market-oriented approach to business and marketing planning.  As with all Vertebrand products, V-Map™ is grounded in research. It begins with Secondary Data from sources such as the ORG or IMS Retail Audit, Prescription data from ORG, Epidemiological databases on disease incidence and prevalence. V-Map™ then incorporates primary data gathered from Depth Interviews with KOLs, specialists and GPs, Concept Testing with target prescribers, xpert interviews and chemist interviews.

In short, V-Map™ approaches the disease from the customer perspective, not the product sales perspective. This makes it bottom-up, not top-down. Further, the research into the market will build a picture of the therapy area and therapeutic regimens preferred and identify the specific target for marketing action. It will further identify the severity of condition to be targeted and the therapy regimen
to be targeted. 

V-Map™ will give you market share assumptions based on customer feedback for a product concept, not subjective opinion or gut feel.

Since the process includes all stakeholders in the marketplace, it will enable us to arrive at a more realistic market size estimation and sales forecast. So a V-Map™ report would also help you to identify the physicians or specialists who would comprise the best target market as well as the specific disease conditions or therapy regimens to be targeted.

With this knowledge your Marketing Strategy Planning will automatically be far superior because your marketing department will have a greater understanding of prevalent practices, perceptual barriers and unmet needs. They will know the consumer and doctor reactions to the specific product concept.

For communication purposes, a V-Map™ assignment will help in the development of key messages / differentiators leading to the development of a unique brand positioning.

In short, V-Map™ opens up the possibility of sharp segmentation and clear branding in the
pharmaceutical industry.

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