VCathlon™ is a two-day strategy workshop that will use the knowledge and skills of key members of your senior team, facilitated by senior partners at Vertebrand to help you decide how and where you will pivot when the time comes.

Like a Decathlon, this workshop consists of a series of strenuous exercises. It is divided into three-parts conducted over two days:

1) Hop. The first part of the workshop helps you to use the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to identify the areas you can fix immediately. This will be depicted graphically in a Current Reality Tree (CRT). Then, together, we will find short-term fixes that will save costs or improve efficiency. These fixes are geared towards buying you time to Pivot.

2) Skip. In this part of the workshop we will use the Scenario Development technique and take into account changes in: Market and competition, Consumers and influencers, Channels and trade, Vendors and Supply Chain. This exercise will help us to understand the world that is likely to emerge and prepare the organization and the business to succeed in the new situation.

3) Jump. At the end of the V-Cathlon workshop we will be able to identify ways to move quickly and decisively and pivot into new ways of working, functioning and doing business. We will do this by getting the Early Mover advantage by tracking key indicators and triggers. This will give you a choice of solutions that can be rapidly implemented and scaled up. Clearly articulated go-to-market plans for all scenarios. Identified organizational changes to manage change. And finally, financial preparedness to pump in any required investments to quickly scale up when the recovery starts.

Vertebrand will help you with their extensive experience in TOC-based Business Analysis and RCA, Scenario Development and Planning, in addition to other proprietary tools. The conclusions will be reached by your own senior team, but they will be facilitated by Vertebrand’s senior partners who have over 100 person-years of experience at running top-end businesses, managing turnarounds, and building strategies. If necessary, Vertebrand can also help you to implement the action plans, hand-holding your team throughout the pivot.

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