Based on a rigorous market scan and thorough understanding of your brands’ current equity, Vertebrand will help you define your brand’s proposition or re-engineer it when necessary.

The foundation of Vertebrand’s branding process, V-ShapeTM first moulds the VintellityTM of your brand. The VintellityTM of a brand has two facets: personality (brand behaviour) and intelligence (brand capabilities). It is the foundation on which the Vertebrand Arrow™ is built in an interactive workshop involving both Vertebrand’s senior leadership and yours. At the end of this workshop, the brand blueprint will be created and captured as the Vertebrand Arrow™, which outlines:

  • The core target customer for the brand
  • The heritage of the organization
  • The category and input intelligences
  • Brand Personality – this expresses the Brand Behaviour
  • Core and Peripheral values of the brand
  • Brand Essence
  • The functional and emotional promise of the brand
  • Brand positioning statement

By harnessing your people and your design thinking and creativity, the Vertebrand will help your brand stand out from the other brands in the market, and make an unique offering to the consumer by establishing your brand’s relevance and strengthening its emotional connect with
its customers.

Further, the Vertebrand Arrow™ is your brand blueprint and will serve as your guide and reference point for all activities related to the brand. This includes key decisions in terms of products, distribution, pricing, advertising, PR, activation and other communication. It will help you decide the look and feel of the brand and be your primary means of briefing the advertising agency, activation agency and digital marketing agency.

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