Vertebrand has several teaching modules that will enable you to improve the skills of your people.

Presentation Skills Workshop

One of any consulting organization’s key strengths lies in the presentation of ideas and recommendations. In the Post-Covid era, this will become an important element in the armory of any company. It will be absolutely vital to have people who can make and design presentations and express themselves in front of an audience.

Vertebrand’s Presentation Skills workshop teaches the techniques great presenters like Steve Jobs and many TED speakers use and will help your people to present and sell your company’s work with more style, and therefore confidence and conviction. The workshop incorporates several guidelines and ways and means of doing this effectively. By putting your people through this rigor, you will increase your company’s batting average when it comes to selling your products and services. 

Depending on the number of people involved and the amount of time you have, the workshop can take anywhere between two hours and two days.

Writing Skills Training

In the post-Covid world, when physical distancing will be a prime requirement for avoiding infection, more and more business will be conducted through email and correspondence. It will be vital for your people to be able to write better and communicate their ideas clearly, succinctly and evocatively. And this will be essential, whether they are required to write emails, reports, proposals or any other document. This workshop will enable them to do exactly that.

The end result will be a workforce that is better equipped to clearly write and express their point of view in a time when it is likely that much work will be conducted in writing rather than in person.

The training course will take 3 weeks at approximately 3 hours a day with homework, assessments and feedback.

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