The success of a business depends on marketing, sales and distribution planning. This process requires an in-depth understanding of your own network, the landscape of the market and the input of an expert from the industry. In this context, Vertebrand brings to you V-Max.

V-Max is unique tool that is designed for you, as your organization’s marketing and sales head, to incorporate into your business and marketing planning. The tool uses proprietary methodology that develops optimised channel and distribution plans based on sales and market share objectives. This helps you to develop sales force requirements, coverage norms, sales force and distribution performance parameters. In short, V-Max generates a plan as well as metrics for tracking performance over time.


The Outputs From This Tool Would Be

  • Market share targets
  • Optimum outlet coverage
  • Revenue expectations
  • Options for distribution models
  • Optimum salesforce structure
  • Coverage norms
  • Productivity of calls


Key Features And Differentiators

  • Allows multiple distribution model options
  • Optimization of distribution
  • Coverage, call-age and productivity parameters for planning and tracking
  • Tech-enabled product for quick deployment and turnaround
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